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Algorithmic Assemblages: Do Machines Dream of Art?


These “literal” pieces take a playful approach, demonstrating that ambiguity exists even in the algorithm’s attempts to construct plausible and literal classifications. These classifications, ironically, become incoherent when human beings attempt to create them as literal objects. Words which have both literal and figurative meanings are exploited, connections between abstract concepts are made physical, and the original objects are often impermanently modified to conform it to the algorithm’s description.

Charcol drawing, mylar, sharpie, oil-based sharpie paint pens, 2023.

Drawings that represent Roller skating covering Hypogean fishes

"I chose to represent my generated description in a very simple and literal way. I used a sheet of mylar to add a roller skate to a drawing of feet. The roller skate is then covered in hypogean or cave fish." - Loren Fiebrich
Mylar, sharpie, white-out pen, 2023.

A collotype with a highly conspicuous portrayal of Classrooms making clear selected details about mathematical ability in children

"For my piece, my generated statement was surprisingly coherent. Using mylar to create an image that could lay on-top of a collotype, I attempted to transform the collotype image into a classroom by using green sharpie and a white-out pen to turn a wall of art into a blackboard where students had to solve for the length of a triangle’s side using the Pythagorean theorem, although their ability in solving it varies." - Parker Zimmerman

Screenprint, mylar, sharpie, tissue paper, pencil, 2023.

screenprint with a patently obvious reference to Violas shedding light on Parapsychology -- Religious aspects -- Baptists, [Catholic Church, etc.]

"Because my description has to do with religious parapsychology, it would be very easy to create a highly symbolic and metaphorical piece. I wasn't interested in any of that. Hopson's piece is inherently whimsical and fun, and I had much more fun creating a ghost baptism and using purple sharpie to turn the flowers on my screenprint from their original genus (linum) to violas." - Zoe Grout

Metal, wood, paper, 2023.

A minimalist sculpture pointing toward Folding doors containing information on Serbo-Bulgarian War, 1885 - Campaigns - Bulgaria

"My piece is displayed minimalistic and literally. The generated prompt sounds a bit silly but in hindsight the subject matter of war can be complicated. This metal sculpture is enticed by wooden folding doll-house doors containing statistical information and Bulgarian counter offense strategy regarding the Serbo-Bulgarian War of 1885." - Sylvia Morales
Rotogravure print (on paper), cardstock, mylar, 2023.

A hand gravure with a vague connection to rattlesnakes that traffics in Physical sciences - Religious aspects - Buddhism, Christianity, etc.

"I chose to do mine literally - it seemed difficult to "abstractly" represent a rattlesnake, and the "religious" aspect is communicated through a physical symbol of the Notre-Dame. The most abstract concept seems to be that the snakes overlaid over the image might seem to defy the "physical sciences" part of the description, as if they were unreal or visionary yet a part of the scene nonetheless." - Kerri Kilmer