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Algorithmic Assemblages: Do Machines Dream of Art?


The randomness inherent to Hopson’s work meant that most descriptions generated were nonsensical. These descriptions, used as prompts, were often humorous on their own, whether due to phrasing, subject matter, or the absurd combinations of topics presented. Some artists chose to elevate the humor of the prompts with their works. Already humorous descriptions were made into clear jokes through materials and depiction. A subjective, additional message is conveyed through the art, adding a second layer of meaning.


Letterpress print, mylar, sharpie, printer paper, 2023.

A letterpress print that represents Desert islands that explains (in a hand-wavy manner) Meteorology

"A hand-wavey explanation of meterology is the extent of my meterological knowledge. I've overlaid familiar meterological and tropical iconograpahy over a letterpress print of Great Britain, which, while certainly an island, is neither a desert nor deserted. My piece shows England in a state of change-- of desertification and of being deserted." - Emma Bekele


Bird statues, Soundesign stereo receiver, piano music, bird calls, 2023.

A multimedia piece setting out to portray Gulls connected with Radio receiver and piano music

"Seagulls nest in the remains of household items long-abandoned. Music plays in a constant loop from the old receiver. Jazz piano interspersed with bird calls creates a new kind of song." - Cash Kelly

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